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Ulysses and Nausicaa

Scala nella roccia a Cirica

Incontro tra Ulisse e Nausicaa Grotta sulla spiaggia di Cirica

“Stranger, since thou seemest to be neither an evil man nor a witless, and it is Zeus himself that gives happy fortune to men, both to the good and the evil, to each man as he will; so to thee, I ween, he has given this lot, and thou must in any case endure it. But now, since thou hast come to our city and land, thou shalt not lack clothing or aught else of those things which befit a sore-tried suppliant when he cometh in the way. The city will I shew thee, and will tell thee the name of the people. The Phaeacians possess this city and land, and I am the daughter of great-hearted Alcinous , upon whom depend the might and power of the Phaeacians”


In the VI Book of the Odyssey Ulysses' raft is wrecked by a storm and he is washed up on Scheria. Instructed by the goddess Athena princess Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous, goes with her mades to the seashore to wash her clothes. Ulysses, naked and exhausted from his adventure goes to ask for help. Nausikaa and her father, being hospitable people, provide him with clothes, food and drink.
After Ulysses tells Alcinous and his court the story of his adventures after the Trojan war, the Phaeacians help him to reach Ithaca with one of their sophisticated ships.

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