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Caves on Cirica Beach
Old Tuna factory in Vendicari's Natural Reserve
Greek temple in Segesta
Porto Ulisse beach
Small beach in Zingaro Natural Reserve


zenetika is the site dedicated to all friends
near or far

In this era made of speed where we always run and never have time, where we take a plane every minute and we don't have a fixed address, at times we can find it difficult to keep in touch with our friends. 
We change phone number or e-mail address and we never know where we will be or what we will do.  
Each of us is a bit gypsy in a way.  
zenetika is a landing island where we can meet and keep in touch with each other, virtually and really. 
You'll find inside zenetika various information that could be useful to you all nausicaans travellers, I have taken some pictures of places we all know, interactive pages that will help you program your trip, I have put some links for tools that can be useful like converters for measures and currency, wikipedia, Italian and foreign daily papers, tv guides and much more.  
zenetika is based on an episode of Homer's Odissey.
In the VI book Ulisses is shipwrecked to Scheria, here he is welcomed and taken care of by Nausicaa. 
The theme of Ulisses is tightly connected to Sicily, to Porto Ulisse and to the beach of Cirica where we have found each other so many times. Here, one of the many hypothesis wants Ulisses to have met the witch-goddess Circe. This theory is strongly supported by the presence of a series of shoals called "Circe's Shoals" and from which - they say - the name “Cirica” comes from. 
I have imagined all of you shipwrecked with your inflatable raft to Cirica, sitting around a summer bonfire, I have imagined a virtual but real meeting point on the internet and I have created this island for you.

Hope you enjoy it!






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